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Crumbs Shirt Designs

I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to share this.
Anyway figured I should share my first Crumbs t-shirt that's now on sale on Redbubble.com. I've only got one done so far and I have five more to do; one for each of the main pigeons.
Here it is! Meet Tweak everyone!

I'm unsure whether to just have the same 'Birdbrain' caption or a different phrase for each shirt to suit each character. If anyone has any preference, let me know!

In case your curious, I have character sheets of the other pigeons right here as well as concept art and short evaluations. My college insists I review everything I do, hence all the rambling.

The Crumbs Project

I still need to add a couple of things.

Anyway, enjoy!
Thanks guys! I'll share future designs when I'm done with them. I wish i could decide whether or not to use the Birdbrain caption for all of them or a different one for each character though... hmm...
And thank you :) I'll be sure to keep that in mind with any future shirt designs I do!