Cross-browser compatibility problems


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I'm just trying to make my site look right in Firefox and IE(7). Sadly, I don't know what's causing the problem.

The Work Of Neil Martin - The sky's the limit... Please look at that in FF and IE. The same problem exists throughout the site with various divs.

You'll see that the text spans off the background in IE, but not in FF. I want the site to look as it does in Firefox. I want the IE version to look the same as Firefox. - Stylesheet, should you need to see it.

The DIV in which the text is housed is this:

#biotext {
margin: left;

Any idea why that doesn't look right in IE?


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Yes, blueocto, it's where the text is coming out of the box that's the problem. I took a look at the validator results but I'm not quite sure what I need to add or change. Can you tell me, please?


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I would suggest its your line height that's causing you your issues.

try removing your line-heights of your elements and see if that resolves the issue.


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hrrrm, looking at your code you have really over complicated it, you only need to specify the height on the container holding your main image, and set the background on the container div to that of your main balloon image then just have the content in a nested container with a speficed width only.

its hard to explain.... if you want ill send over the code for it