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cro-info.net --> First site


Senior Member
chrismitchell said:
Just a note to you Edge... people won't review your site without introducing yourself in the introductions part of the forum.. go introduce yourself first then other members will review your site.
Where exactly should he introduce himself? :rolleyes:

I'll just go ahead and say that the site looks very much like it came from the 90s... which is bad.


Junior Member
Guys,you are rude.
I said it's my first site,what you expected? I learn html for 3-4 weeks,I can't make ultra cool modern site.
I'm dissapointed with your personality.


I sincerely apologise Edge. I was merely pointing out what is required of people before site reviews happen. :)


Senior Member
It's just that we get a lot of firsts around here... Experience tells us that writing up an extensive review is pointless because they will ignore it, or maybe not even come back tot he forum read it.

Giving everything some padding would probably already do much for it.