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CRM System

Hey guys,

I've had a little search and was surprised not to find a topic already for this, but as the title suggests, I'm going to be asking about CRM systems... Exciting!

Has any body, preferably in a small 3-10 size design studio used any particularly good crm systems to manage jobs and time etc? I've recently just moved job and country(only Scotland!), and the place I'm at now doesn't have anything in place as of yet, but are looking for a suitable system - there are 6 of us. In my old place, they had built their own basic system which did the job, and did it well enough to manage all types of jobs.

So any input or links would be brilliant.




I use Billings and Capsule (from Google apps) both are very good.. i've also used Project Bubble and Basecamp in other companies.
Cheers guys, Project Bubble seems to be the best fit for our needs. I think I'll give that one a shot... I'd love to build my own, but who has the time?! haha

I vaguely remember a thread about this but a search didn't find anything - I guess I didn't look very hard.

Thanks again


Staff member
before paying you could try the free ones like project pier or sugar crm etc.... loads of options listed on softaculous which might be worth looking into :)

Outlook (windows) also has 'business contact manager' that also deals with project management, sales, marketing etc. It works via a database system so I'm pretty sure it could work with multiple users...
review here
Just a quick point, this thread prompted me to have another look at Daylite and to be honest I wouldn't recommend it. Seems far too bloated for general use, unless you've got an office manager who can keep on top of it. Was having a look round for other contact management software on the mac and found it very lacking, so have ended up just creating a new Numbers database (Excel on the mac is just vile).

All I was really looking for was a more comprehensive address book where you can add contacts in groups and sub groups for; prospective clients broken down by category, freelancers (again by category), suppliers etc... With the ability to export the email addresses for targeted HTMLs/ group emails/ mailing labels etc. Found very little available for the mac other than full on project management software with monthly subscriptions. I'm always dubious of integrating independent online online software into my workflow, having adopted a few that have bitten the dust in the past. So it seems a good old boring spread sheet will have to do me unless anyone has any suggestions?
There doesn't seem to be much middle ground really. For a small and open office, I think that a lot of them focus to much on tasks and create much more admin than what's required for projects. You just need to track time on a job, change a jobs status and a few other bits after that to analyse your earnings.

When you're on your own though, freelancing, I'm not sure what the best option would be, depends on how you like to work and how organised you like to be. Maybe an elaborate spread sheet would do?!


I had a look into some options a while back and couldn't really find anything that suited my needs. They all seemed to be designed for people with lots of clients and large projects. There wasn't much available for those freelancers like myself who design a logo for one person one day, create some new business cards for another person the next day.

I'd love to have a go at making some kind of system to help make things like that easier but I'm not really knowledgeable enough with programming to do that.