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critiques more than welcome.


Junior Member
I'm very new to web-design itself (in terms of coding and dreamweaver) so i'm having some troubles with getting things lined up properly through browsers.

Please be very honest with any critiques (please make them constructive though!) - the only way i can strive to create a better site is through constructive guides.

Thanks for your help.

Something - Print & Digital Creative Design Studio
The site is looking very nice, as a relatively new website designer myself, I think you have done a great job. All is aligning right and looking good on my browser (Google Chrome). One thing I would add is some sort of hover effect to the menu links, even a simple colour change just to show some interactivity within the website for the user, but apart from that, its looking great!

Scott Cunningham


Staff member
Got to say the first thing that stands out to me is the 'black circle' just doesn't seem smooth. I know it won't be perfect on a screen but it just seems overly jagged to me. It might be it's made worse by the white border.


Junior Member
now that you mention it, it did look a little jagged around the edges. i've played around with this slightly.. hopefully it was because it was a lower res file save of the logo.

thanks for your input.


Staff member
still a bit jaggy... you tried reducing the logo to the size on the website in photoshop... it's being scaled down in the web browser which probably isn't helping

The file is like 833x833 pixels being scaled to 200x200 pixels which isn't a normal ratio
For a beginner like you, you actually did right. You design is quite simple but looks good.. But there some content suggestion you need to do. Make sure your content is readable by Google or by humans as well.
I'm not sure if you have changed the logo again but it looks pretty good on my iPad (3) now, very smooth.

I would probably think about a background other than grey. For the moment it just feels a bit dull. Keeping with your style I would probably suggest white.

Also you could do something with the footer, even if it is applying a line across the top of it to separate it from the content.


Junior Member
hey georgenaismith23. thanks for your input. all of my content has been provided to me by a close friend who has her own PR company. we met on Friday and she actually mentioned the same thing - so she's doing analysis at the moment for text/sentences and where it ranks me on google (completely over the top of my head).

Cheers graphicscove - good pointer on the footer actually, will break it up a lot. Initially i did try it in white, but i think it had the opposite impact of grey, it felt too 'empty' - the grey i've used is the same one in my showreel (minus the texture).

Hopefully the more i explore web design (brought a couple of manuals and guides etc over the past couple of days) i can develop my site a lot more.

Thanks for all the input.
I see that you're very new to web design and coding and with that in mind your website is really quite good - in terms of structure and functionality at least - so well done.

The first thing is would say is that it is very plain looking which isn't always a bad thing as I am a big fan of keeping things minimal and clear but I think that as a graphic designer/illustrator you might want to consider a few more images & use of color. I'm also not sure that having a plain/dull background color is best either.

The main thing that you need to sort out is the logo which has been mentined but also the navigation text which is also very jagged - and as suggested in a previous post, a hover effect or color change would be effective.

I like the video that you have on the home page but have you considered putting it on an autoplay function?

On the whole, I like the site but I think that a few styling changes, good use of font styles and adding some color would definately increase its impact on the viewer.