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Hi :)

Please can you give me some advises about

Web was not update about one year and few month ago I became responsible for it. I am amateur. Web is built on Wordpress and with bought template.

Is web user friendly? Do you like graphic design?

Do you know what to do on website, where to click, what is it about and what we offer? Are all information in right place?

What do you think about mobile version? Is web responsive?

Are social media icons ok?

Thank you very much for your time :)


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Had a very quick look and the theme looks fine to me.

Yes the Helping Hands theme used is responsive however the 'Erasmus+' image in the footer(at the bottom of the page) doesn't scale smaller and so looks a bit odd/too large on a mobile device.

Also using big images with text in them, like on the About-us page (and other pages) is not a good idea. People on a mobile device will not be able to read the text, as the images will scale down, and neither will search engines. Typing the text in directly instead of using a graphic would be much more user friendly.

The social media icons on the side are okay I guess, but don't seem to link to anything/work, you already have them at the top of the page, so you could perhaps do without that plugin if its causing problems..