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critique my work


Staff member
mrp2049 said:
What is the unhealthy obsession with the stroke tool.
you forgot about the 'glow' and 'emboss' filters too

Honestly the designs look like this to me:
1) found photoshop
2) found font pack
3) found 'clip art' pack
4) made pictures
5) found filters section in photoshop.....
the thing is, are these logos or illustrations? If they're logos then there is way to much going on in all of them especially effects as the guys have said. I know when you first start out with Photoshop you're all like "must throw every effect and image into it" but the sooner you learn this the better. STOP!

Research is the key thing to do at your stage. Look at what professional designers are doing with logos, you'll always find that keeping it simple is the way forward.

In terms of illustration if I thought you had created the images yourself from scratch, in some instances I'd say not bad, but I don't so copying images and just applying simple effects never goes very well. Also look into vector work, looks like this might be something of interest to you so will be a good thing for you to learn.
Personally I think your 'Coastal Prairie Outfitters' logo is the best. Maybe try taking the glow around the edges away as I can feel my eyes straining to try and make it clearer, then add some 'coastal' and 'prairie' colours and you're onto a winner.


Junior Member
good start.try to loss the glow,pictures,styles and make the logos simpler than this.
and learning Adobe illustrator and similar software with help you in the future in case you will sell your design.
good luck.