Critique my illustration


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It's really nice, though I'm not keen on the boat going off the edge. Flip the whole thing round, then flip the boy round
so he's still rowing to the right but we see the front of the boat.

If it's a book cover, make the title bigger and move it up to make room for the author, as before. :)


Thank you for, is not a book cover, is just a poster.
I will. I anyway want to make from this, a landscape or 3 connected portrait posters.
I have to agree with Wardy! It's usually bad practice to have characters facing away from a composition. It leads the eye away from the picture which is the opposite of what you want.
Whatever the project, your work is so eye impressive, and color choice is really amazing. This design can be used on a t-shirt , for a book cover, wallpaper. Really nice work.


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I'm not a designer and had Wardy not mentioned, it wouldn't have come to my attention, but I totally see what he is saying and agree that turning the boat around would be beneficial. Lovely work though and I also like the mood and lighting.