Critique my drink design pls


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Is this for a real product?

The box top right looks odd. Why have you split the words like that?

Is there a label for each month? What’s with the red letters? Is that tibetian?

The light colour will be very difficult to read in the bright lights of a shop.


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Appreciate feedback.

Yea, this is for a real product.

That box is the client's logo. Yes red letters are Tibetan.. Good advice about the contrast, something I've been thinking.

What do you think about the overall feel?


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Looks like a medicine bottle.

What is ‘Jun’? Why the tibetian letters? Do you drink it straight from the bottle? Sparkling suggests it’s fizzy.

And the logo is still awful.


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Use clear plastic

Move the awful logo to the bottom

Still don’t get why you are using months on the label

Bin the tibetian letters.

What does the reverse label look like. People check this all the time, watch people in supermarkets.

Is this to be sold in the food to go section or with all the other drinks?