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Creative South 2014


Active Member
Hey all!
I know most of you are located in Europe/everywhere but the US, but I wanted to throw this one out there in case you are making a trip to the US anytime soon. There's a conference in Columbus, Georgia, that is taking place April 10-12 called Creative South. It is in its second year I believe but was a HUGE success last year. They have a ton of marvelous speakers coming this year (my best friend and I are road tripping up there from Orlando) and the whole conference only costs $80.
If you are interested, info can be found here: http://creativesouthga.com/

Sean Lee-Amies

Thanks Shauna, I thought something design related, and interesting, was finally happening in the south of the UK...! But no... :angry:
Would love to go! But too far for me to travel! :(

Sean Lee-Amies

Yeah, me,Alex Gilmore and another old member called Jenna Chambers (who doesn't hang out here any more :() were planning something a couple of years ago and it's surprising that this gap in the market still exists. Everything seems to be in London or absolutely miles away from me. There was a lot of interest when we tried to get something going last time, and then HOW Design came in and made a load of promises, only to disappear off the face of the planet after mentioning inviting us to London for a discussion.
Ah yeah, good times. It was all actually starting off so well until HOW Design changed their teams around and we lost the contact that wanted to expand to the UK. Sucks right?
Still, I am not closed minded about the idea for the future.