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Creative portfolio/website platforms vs traditional websites?

Hi all

It's been a while since I was last here! Apologies, been really busy...

I have just updated my website and I'm still not entirely happy with it. As a traditional designer-for-print I have some nice ideas when it comes to layout design (I'm actually laying out a nice site for a client at the moment, to be coded by a web guy) but they don't translate when I come to design my own in Rapidweaver.

I would love to learn how to code sites properly, but I just don't have the time at the moment to invest in getting to grips with HTML and CSS.

What is the DF view on such 'online creative platforms' as Cargo or Behance to host their portfolio of work? I'm wondering how would this affect the search engine results, whether it looks too convenient (or if that doesn't matter these days), the ability to customise the site, and incorporation of a Wordpress blog.
Quite simply, if you want to offer a web design and build service to your clients, then at least you should illustrate that with your own... I guess it would be ok for a blogging type thing, but not when you're offering a professional web design service.

People may agree or disagree... but that's my opinion!

You don't need to know how to code, it's fine to outsource it, as long as you budget for it in your quote. But I'm sure you're aware of that! ha
Web design isn't a service I offer as I only work in print design, but a client wanted some work done and I was happy to oblige. I agree, if you're a web designer you'll want to have a pretty cracking site yourself! Web design is something I'd like to get into in the future, however.

So, the original post should really be directed to print designers.
I would probably still steer towards a bespoke site, you can add more value into a custom design as opposed to a generic template. Would you buy from a business/service if they had their content on a behance page?

For an example of added value - it would be a lot harder I would imagine to implement all of the functionality you have on your site, especially the 'offer' banners etc.

If you have the slightest inclining that it may put some potential clients off because it may not look as professional or whatever, then that would say it all.
If you're thinking of redesigning your own site and would like some help or feedback give me a shout. Even if it is just for a fresh pair of eyes. I know how designing for yourself can be a right pain in the arse!! ha
Although you may only be a one man band, you should still treat yourself as a business, and thus still take the same care and consideration in your own online presence.

One point I'd like to make, and mainly steered at Halfbuiltrobot, you should really show the kind of work you'd like to get in your portfolio. Currently you've only got illustrations, but in your about & services section, you talk about print design and these brands you've worked for - I'd like to see that work with a little bit of illustration too.