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Creative Inspiration on the Blog

I find it hard to come across a good site that has great creative inspiration on all aspects of art, I have been working on a blog for the last few months and already introduced a few ideas that have taken off pretty well. One is a Best of the month post where I feature 5 of the best pieces of work I come across over the month, these can be anything from web design, photography or even traditional art.

I have since been in touch with dozens of artists all over the world working on features, and now have many lined up.

I know there are other blogs doing the same thing but I want to be broader and appeal to a young audience of new, young and unknown artists who can learn and gain inspiration from the work I feature.

How do I benefit? Well obviously I get traffic to my blog but I'm looking to give something back. The blog ties hand in hand with the business but in no way is a platform to solely promote the business.

I'm looking for a little support and feedback so please like my facebook page : Lakewood media | Facebook I will even like yours in return. And please take a look at the blog and even comment, give feedback on the artists.