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Creative hub/meet ups in Reading?

Hi Dazzling,
I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but there's a group which meets up once a month at The Outlook on Kings Road, it's run by Bbite and is more focused on the business side of things I think. I haven't been to one myself, but someone I went to college with goes/used to go regularly and recommended it. If you're on LinkedIn they have a group; Reading Arts Business Club
I'm planning on going along myself at some point in the future, I keep getting the emails and they cover quite a bit of stuff.
Unless of course you meant something more like this (not local, unfortunately) - I've been keeping my eyes peeled for something similar over the last few years, and have contemplated putting something like that together myself, but I don't think I could go it alone!
Hi Lee-Ann,
Thanks for your reply. That's a really helpful start.
Essentially, I'm trying to find a way of getting designers and thinkers together in Reading to exchange ideas and passions.
How design could help generate new ways of making a living without losing your soul etc.
I really believe Reading has a an untapped resource to utilise.

Sean Lee-Amies

I'm not really close enough to have much of an input on this thread, but I'm going to Reading festival this year if you're looking for networking opportunities!!