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Creative, Design Proposals


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Not sure if this is really the right section so move if needs be!

When your writing a proposal for a big contract - how do you present it?

The proposal I'm writing at the moment is going to be 8 - 12 pages and I want to present it in a really nice way. Something more than just the feel of paper...

What's the fanciest thing you've done/seen done with a design proposal?



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Fantastic bit of advice I gleaned from a very successful Account Director recently (that I've not put into action myself) is that documents and specs don't want to be creative/fancy; they need to be to the point and say 'This will do this in order to address this problem.'

He got into a bit of a clash with the Creative Directory guy recently who decided that specs and proposals needed sexing up a bit, as opposed to being a functional document, and in the first pitch where they tried that approach they ended up losing the account.

Make sure stuff is presented nicely, but don't go OTT. You're doing specs and functional documents, not creative writing.

One way I've done it before is a simple web-based template (PM me for a link if you like) that you can give a client access to, you can update really quick and, more importantly, because it's hosted in one location, there's no such thing as 'the last version'. It's always up-to-date so the client is always looking at the correct thing.

Hope that helps?