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Clement Yonkers

Clement Yonkers

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Arrgh! Having a creative block on this one!

I'm working with a company (commercial A/V integrator) that just merged and changed it's brand. -see logo below- Their new logo was designed in-house, and while they are willing to tweak it a bit, they are not willing consider alternatives.

The typefaces used in the company name and tagline(??) are Century Gothic and Myriad Pro Light. I feel like neither of these are stand up to the logo. Century Gothic is too feminine, and just seems wrong considering that they are trying to convey high-tech, dependability, and wisdom. I'm stuck with what fonts to replace them with. I've tried a fistfull of different fonts, but none seem to be the right fit. I think part of my issue is that I am not really a fan of the logo, and this is tainting my ability to work objectively on this.

ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I wouldn't have said Century gothic was too feminine? What surprises me more is why use the two fonts as on screen they look too similar. It's the worst job in the world to have a client that won't accept change…..however, I've found in the past that if you have some strong alternative ideas ad rationale then have the confidence to do them up & present them (make sure you do what they have requested too or they'll get even more stuck in the mud!) YOU are the branding expert….they are paying for your expertise. Having said all that…they've got every cliche in the book thrown into that logo so to do something different that makes them stand out from the competition will be an interesting challenge. I'm sure a quick Google images search on their type of business will throw up endless RGB OTT SCI FI styled 80s/90s logos along similar lines to theirs so even a board showing those would help in your argument for changing it. Best of luck & let us know how you get on!