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Creating e-flyers

Im a cmyk man born and bred - done a bit of rgb in my time - but enough to know if you know what i mean.

Im wanting to create an e-flyer to email out to various clients.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Was thinking of just an attached pdf - but thought - if hmv can do it - then why can't i..



Active Member
Best bet is design it in photoshop ( I normally stick to about 600px wide for emails), then slice it up and save as images/html (if you can cut out a large slice where you text is so you can paste it in in dreamweaver - or whatever you use, rather than being solely images).

Upload the images/html to your webserver / goto the page in safari / click on file>mail contents of this page - then it should put the webpage you've created into mail and you can send as html. Best bet is make all references to images absolute urls so like <img src="http :// yoururl.com/images/picture1.gif" >

You can also do the same thing on a PC using internet explorer / outlook. Unfortunately it only works with either safari/mail or IE/outlook.

Other than that you could have to use something like mailchimp to send it out


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I would definitely avoid the attachment route - as crazy as it may sound, getting someone to go to the effort of opening your attachment is too much for them.
Also, be aware that any HTML/graphic email needs a good old fashioned text introduction/reason for them to 'display images' in your email and see it how you intended them to.
I would produce a HTML version rather than an actual attachment.

If you see an attachment most people will just delete the e-mail without actually opening it.