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Creating an Editable file for clients.

Hey guys, was wondering if any of you had created editable files for clients so they can fill it in and print it.

Like an invoice document or Quote form.

I'm currently using Acrobat to created fields in a pdf but it just feel a bit clunky.

Any ideas?



Senior Member
I've only ever done it the way you are, in acrobat. I agree it is a litle clunky, but once you figure it out, it gets the job done.


Staff member
Not sure if its on the mac suite or not (think it isn't) but on windows there's livecycle which is meant for making the editable pdfs etc.

Theres a 60 day trial here
yea got Acrobat figured but wondered if there was anything a little sexier.

Indesign claims to have interactivity but thats a pile of poo
LOL after creating all the editable pdf docs i realize that the client will not be able to save the doc.

I need to have Adobe Livecycle to activate some kind of save feature, it's ridiculous