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Creating a Charity Auction Website


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My Uncle called last night to ask about creating a website for a (annual) charity auction.

Basically every year his hockey club have an auction for various things members of the team club will put up. Weekend in a holiday home, that sort of thing.

Normally they do the auction in person at an event however they're struggling to meet this year so he wondered if there was a way we could create the auction online....

I don't think the ability to take payment online is really an issue, it would be a nice option but not the be all and end all.

Ebay is obviously king of auctions but I don't think there's a way to set it up this weekend for example and end in May?

Wordpress has an auction plugin but it doesn't look great.

Does anyone have any suggestions / know of any existing solutions?




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although i hate pay-pal, they do offer the ability to send cash as a gift / and aslo offer donation payments, either one could be good choice with a simple paypal button.


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@Chris - yeah that's the plugin I found, cheers.

@Geoff - I've checked this morning and taking payment will happen manually (phone calls cheque) I just need to get the auction/bidding functionality.

Looking like that WP plugin is the only option at the moment and probably the way it'll have to go... any other suggestions?


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Hi Andy,

Does the solution need to be free/open-source?
This one looks quite feature rich > www.phpprobid.com (but £110 +VAT)

Or if not found this open-source, although no demo or example sites using it that I could find, so no idea if it's any good?! > WeBid Support

EDIT: Found a demo for the open-source one: WeBid


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Thanks for those Greg! - it doesn't necessarily need to be free but it will probably only be a one off and finishing at during may so I guess costs will need to be kept low as poss (as always).

I'll check those out!