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Created some logo's, need feedback.

xsaber said:
Created two new logos for my website / forum. I would like some feedback. :)
None of them are doing anything for me if I am being honest. From your last forum you were creating, it was a techie one, and if the same goes the first and last designs completely go against technology and the future with the 'old style' font. If the font does have a different idea behind it, ie. 'looking back on the olden' days' :p then perhaps it will be suitable. We need more info about it!

Sean Lee-Amies

Tell us about the process you went through for each of those logos. Why did you choose those colours/fonts/name/transparent bar etc? How long did it take you?
I don't like the transparency effect. If i were you i would just choose the perfect color combos for your logo.
Also try to change your typographic