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Cover Flow style ajax menu/slideshow


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Hello all,

I haven't been fully briefed on this project yet but from the sounds of it I'm going to be requested to create/find some sort of coverflow (like in apple itunes) style menu either using flash or possible ajax. There's a flash example here: NFLUK.com

Does anyone know of any (preferably open source) javascript options or something similar you can purchase in flash from istock photo??

It needs to be fairly automated as there may be quite a few images displayed at times so either js where you the effect can be easily achieved using a class or flash/xml pointing to a folder...

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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i've come across cover flow examples that aren't flash, but take so much maintenance it's unavailable.

try and google 'itunes cover flow code' or something similar if you havent already tried.


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Hi Tim, I have been googling but started off looking for an ajax version - which is seeming less and less likely. Putting 'itunes cover flow code' into google seems to kick up some promising results so thanks! - Will let you know what i decide on...


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My be well off base but does this link help?

Mac Style PhotoFlip Gallery

There is a link at the bottom to a photoflow componant.

"The photoFlow Flash component displays multiple images with a stack effect, perspective and reflection. The images can be flipped by clicking on a specific image in the stack, using the supplied skinnable scrollbar, or scrolling the mousewheel. Images can be added or changed directly in the Component Inspector, through ActionScript or using an external XML file. It can also be used as Flash slideshow or a Flash gallery. Available for ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0."

Sorry if this is not what you want, but it rang a bell as something I'd seen recently.


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What you are looking for is under 3D flash carousel.
I used to have a great one but cant find the site now, it's customizable by changing the XML file, I can give you a hand if you find 1 and you are not familiar with the XML syntax.

But try ~
CarouselDesigner v2 - FlashDen

But here is a 35 min tutorial on how to create it yourself, haven't checked it out my self so don't know how good it is ~
gotoandlearn.com - Click and Zoom 3D Carousel