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Couple of recent designs

Hey guys,

I am new here but although these have been signed off I would like some input from some fellow designers, I think for piece of mind etc. These were outsourced to me by another developer. I actually work full time but looking to build up a business in my spare time because of the politics that seem to be going on where I currently work.

Building trades website (jpg only)
Hairdressers Salon Design (jpg only)

You may notice that I am yet to get a site up at Website and Graphic Design by Creatable Design - Creativity brings us closer... but hopefully that will change soon once I finally get a design that I am completely happy with.

Here is my initial concept for the site although this will change again as I am now not happy with the dark/grungy feel that the site currently portrays. http://www.creatabledesign.co.uk/assets/homepage.jpg

Anyhow, I have blabbered on too much now. Let me know your thoughts if you have the time.

Thanks in advance,
Like the trades one - not a great deal to say on that one. The other one - I don't mind the top section, but then it goes into reams of dull text. It doesn't seem to tie in with the graphics at the top - maybe you could bring some of that down to break up the copy a bit. I'd also get them to cut the copy at least in half - nobody will bother to read it. Or move some of it to another page.
Thanks for the input SparkCreative, it was a case of a project was outsourced to me and my input wasn't wanted overly too much, I was also keen for them to cut down the amount of text...

Here is a link to the actual live site: London Hairdressers, Hair Salon, Experts in Hair Colour : ColourNation

Possibly going to speak to the guy that outsourced to me and offer a few more suggestions and see what comes back.

Thanks again for the input,