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Could you rate my website please?


I have a website for a service what my company does.
I'm a newbie with websites, so when I started to make the thing I had no idea about SEO, so meanwhile I had to compromise at some points.
Please check out and review my ghost producer platform site.
Thank you for your time!
Hi, look good to me, only thing i would say is the clarity of the site is a bit.... messy.

The theme, colours and styling are good, but very many elements are all over the place.

another question, you say your a newbie, and im also a newbie, in regards to web design, how much do you no and how did you start?
Thanks for the review! Actually, it started more simple but regarding the SEO I had to fill it with more content. As soon as I will have time I will make it more "organized", so you are on point with this, thanks.
Long story short, I started to browse WordPress templates which has a nice buildup (SEO wasn't a point of view back then, auchhhh). An integrated audio player was a must-have so I was not found too many templates. At the end, I found this one and I learned to customize from youtube videos.
I assume the point of the site is to sell your products. If that is the case put them on the homepage.

And don't use the carousel, just put the categories on the homepage as a grid. This keeps it very simple and works far better on touch screen devices.

When I clicked on 'I want it' my browser tried to open outlook. That's not what I expected. Why not just use a form on the site, ask for my contact details (name. telephone, email) and send me the track. There are plenty of plugins you can use to do this. Or better still, get something bespoke coded.

Content for SEO is good but it has to be the right content along with page titles, internal linking, trust marks and whole lot more.


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Most obvious issue is that the logo is cut off at the top. I also dont like the way the paralax effect cuts of the "Our International ghost producer!...." content. Applying a fade to this block so it's gone before the body copy gets there would solve the issue.

Looking deeper into the home page code, why does every set of p tags have a span tag inside it and why does each sentence end with a line break? I can see you've used visual composer on inner pages, why not roll out the max width column structure applied to inner pages to the home page and do away with the br tags at the end of each sentence. It would make the text flow much more naturally and be far more user friendly. While I'm on the matter of text,.. your pages seem to have jumped from centred to left justified and back again? Picking one and sticking with it would be much cleaner.
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