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Corrupt .rar archive in windows, how to repair?

Hey, I have an important .rar that is corrupt that I cannot repair via .par2 etc, because it is my own doing.

I just need to get as much of the file data as possible, whether it extracts corrupt or not. My problem is, if I "keep broken files" in WinRar, it truncates the file at the exact point the corruption begins, which is only like 80mb into a 900mb file.

Is there a way to have WinRar acknowlege the file's corrupt, keep extracting to get as close to 900mb original as possible?

I believe this will require third party recovery software. So if there's any good ones out there (even non-freeware), i'll get it as long as it's reputable to work.

Please help me, it would be appreciated! Thanks!