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Corporate design site

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by devolutiondesigns, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. This is the link to my new company

    I have been working with a few other designers and have come together to create a company to gain more corporate design work. My main bread and butter has been from the music industry, CDs, sleeves, flyers etc. It has given me a nice little life but now I want to get more corporate work as the music industry on the whole is shrinking.

    Anyway. This is what my site is like currently. I am not really that happy with it. I think its too fiddly. Maybe too much smallish text. I am playing around at the moment to try to improve it.

    I am thinking of redoing the portfolio so that the images are larger and perhaps arranged so that the text in under them having the items arranged in lines of three. Alos thinking of making the navigation more obvious and less busy at the top.

    Id be interested to see what you think.

  2. rgregory

    rgregory Member


    Overall I like your site, it's clean and looks professional and I think your choice of colours are really good. Not sure if this is just a prototype but the use of tables for layout isn't best practise, you should control everything (layout and styles) via css.

    Perhaps if you make more of the bullet points within your sidebars, make them stand out more. Try using padding to give the text a little space from the borders and I would agree that the navigation menu needs some work, I missed it at first glance. I hope this helps it's supposed to come across as constructive :icon_smile:

  3. chris_17

    chris_17 Member


    I like the design, however add a link to the logo, code wise...

    - The Doctype should be strict.
    - Close the Meta keywords.
    - Put all of the styling in the stylesheet.
    - Put all of the JS after the closing </body> tag.
    - Use tags in lowercase.
    - Use <div> instead of tables. Or if you're going to style the tables use CSS and not <table width>.
    - Add alt tags to your images.

  4. Thanks! I am on it now.
  5. Thanks.

    Thats cool. Thats the sort of thing I am looking for feedback wise. I am my own worst critic, so dont worry about offending me.
  6. Neily

    Neily Member

    Yeah I like the design too!

    Can someone tell me though (I'm new to this game!) why is not best practice to use tables when building sites? Something to do with different browsers not reading and displaying correctly?
  7. This was actually very helpful. Im going through it all now trying to sort the CSS. I got a bit lazy i guess with table, and styles etc. I am doing some changes and will post the results here for round two!
  8. chris_17

    chris_17 Member

    They take longer to load and with more and more people using mobile devices to view sites they can't view the site with a table based layout as well as they could with a div/css based layout. They are not as accessible and usuable. It's better for SEO, you can do more complex designs without using tables, it's a lot easier to maintain the sites as well.

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