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Corel Draw Under-rated massively

Okay just looking at some old threads.
I am a computer-geek, wizard whatever you want to call it at Corel Draw.
I can show and prove how amazing designs can be using Corel.
I mean it helps as we deploy litho presses and it has all the features Illustrator has maybe more when it comes to design (mostly we get designs coming in)

I mean in corel we can see plate seperations (CMYK plate output), add crop marks internally. We can even impose inside corel which other software dosen't. I like Illustrator for the symbols tool only but I personally think Corel is also as powerful if not better. we have designers who use Illustrator and 2 of them corel but theres always a little argument LOL over corel vs adobe.

What are your opinions - views. I mean corel even sounds as good as adobe. LOL!
Not saying Illustrator is bad. Its amazing but at the price corel is just as good.
Constructive feedback please and only focus on vector based software. also do we have any serif users here.

This should be an interesting thread starter. LOL. ;)
I stick with Freehand MX for vector work. I find Illustrator bloaty and awkward to work with.
I used to use Corel Draw at the MOD. It works fine.


I think that most of the designers here just use Illustrator.

Pagemaker was awesome back in the day :)