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Hi Guys,
Its been ages since i've have posted on here but i have just started trying to promote our new product Strata business cards, which are basically business cards on multi coloured card using white ink.
So i am putting together some generic designs to photograph and put on our website and send out as samples but obviously not sell as cards with this design on. I knocked up this Batman one today but I'm not 100% sure where we would stand with putting these on our website with copyright?
Anyone have any experience with this?
Oh and have a look at our new product here might be useful for some of your clients/projects http://www.printedeasy.com/products/strata-business-cards/



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Welcome to the forum Alex.
I'd advise against it big time.
These people do not mess around when it comes to using their stuff even if it's as harmless as a few cards.
A point in case is a small bar and general shop owned by the same person where I go on holiday in Spain.
The guy decided last year to change the name of them to The Ferrari Bar/Ferrari Shop (prob's sound better in Spanish) and put a pic of a (you guessed it) a Ferrari in the sign.
This year both are closed as Ferrari decided to sting him for 300,000 Euro and there was nothing he could do.
All the staff lost their jobs and he his businesses and he didn't put it on the web either.
For what you could gain by putting them out there is pretty minimal compared to what it could cost you.
Couldn't you do a parody or something?


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Can't help more on the copyright, don't cover that too often with my work.
Did notice an issue with the link you gave though, the 'white ink tutorial' is broken.
Also why no nice mid or dark grey option :(
Thanks for the replies, I guess I'll go with some spoof businesses and maybe some famous figures from the past or something, just swerve the super heroes and any other fictional characters.
Balders we get many crap business cards come our way on a daily basis, usually supplied in a word document :)
Strange Levi i checked it from the office before your post and from home over the weekend seems to be fine, still not there for you? Also with the colour options we are limited to what paper stocks we can get in, the range we are using is Fedrigoni Colours range and that is all the range they offer on our site, we could get more colours from other ranges like GF Smith colour plan but the prices are about tripple! Of course we can do anything on request for the right price :)


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It's all up now but you couldn't even get the link you gave yesterday.... it was a database error so not sure if you maybe have an intermittent issue or I just hit a time when you lot were tinkering...