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Converting Metric measurments into points for type?


I am currently working on packaging for a client based in USA who have guidelines for minimal text size to be used.

Their minimal type sizes are in metric inches rather than text point size.

Does anyone have an experience in this area or have any useful ways of accurate conversion?


Staff member
I draw a rectangle over the text at x height (height of the small letters)
Take a screenshot of the measurements panel (which would be set to mm or inches depending)

For accurate conversion - Adobe software lets you use an array of units of measurement https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/rulers-measurement-units.html

Or in Adobe software you can type in any unit like 10ag (agates) and it will convert it whatever unit of measurement you need.

Or for example you could type in 10mm +.5in and it would add .5in to 10mm and convert accurately.

What software are you using?