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converting div/css design to tables...


Senior Member
Wierd one I know.

Have designed a html email template using inline css and divs, now need to convert it to tables as they seem to render better in email browsers.

Never really designed with table so a new one to me! haha

Any links? tips?



Senior Member
There are no tips I'm afraid, just outsource it or prepare to learn the awkward and cumbersome way of the layout table.


Senior Member
Wow Harry, I really wasnt expecting a reply from you that didnt slag me off for doing such a thing! haha

Yeah, its certainly not perfect... I hate the code already! it appears so messy!


Senior Member
Thanks for the tip! will give it ago. Im breaking up a design from a another template at the moment (similiar layout to the one ive designed) so will see if I can fix it that way first!

Will let you know how it goes.


Active Member
I also hate to say this, but when it comes to html email builds, using tables is the only way, and when you have a complex design ... (feel sick) Dreamweaver will become your dirteh little secret!!


Senior Member
Also keep in mind that most email clients don't support things like background-images or other "advanced" css properties :rolleyes: