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Converting an InDesign file from CS5 to CS4?

Just a quick question!
How do you convert a CS5 InDesign document to CS4?

I have been told;
1.file, export
2. format; Indesign mark up (IDML)

Is the correct way, or is there another way to do this?


Active Member
First, in InDesign CS5, export the document to the InDesign Markup Language (IDML). (The IDML format replaces the Interchange INX format used for saving backwards in previous versions.) Second, make sure that the computer running InDesign CS4 is updated with the appropriate plug-ins so that it can open the exported IDML file. The person running InDesign CS4 can obtain the compatibility plug-ins by choosing Help > Updates and following the prompts. Plug-ins can also be installed from the Adobe website: Choose Support > Updates in the Adobe website, and go to the InDesign Downloads page.
Adobe InDesign CS5 * Save backwards to the previous InDesign version