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consolas equivalent


Senior Member
hey guys,

i'm doing a website for a friend right now, they sent me over the designs im just chucking together the code.

i finished it yesterday, however they specifically asked for the font Consolas, and that isnt a web font...

any work arounds or ideas?

am i right in thinking that if someone doesnt have the font installed that the CSS states, it'll just revert to a default on their computer?


Senior Member
ahh this is gonna be a pain dans le arsé.

i don't have the .otf file for Consolas (i can only find the windows version when i search online for it)

grrr my friend is saying "i thought you were just gonna put hyperlink boxes over my images in dreamweaver? why isnt it done yet?"

three things wrong there:

images for text? HA
dreamweaver? HAHA
done yet? ITS BEEN 24 HOURS!

i am never doing a site for a friend ever again :p


Staff member
all my consola are .ttf (ie truetype), they're also part of microsofts font pack for their cleartype in windows so I'm not sure what the license is in that respect.

corbel is fairly similar (the lower case j is slightly different though) but thats .ttf

An opentype font which might work is the Ryo Gothic PlusN R, it looks like a close enough match to get away with it :)

You might also be able to get away with a miriad pro (otf too)


Senior Member
that's a good point; licensing. potentially i could be stuck with none of the fonts she wanted to use because of licensing. great.