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Confectionery packaging concept

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by garywaiman, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. garywaiman

    garywaiman Member

    Hey-loo good people! :icon_inlove:

    Yes, I have been burning the midnight oil (and then some) working on a concept for a brief on PPH. I know it may well be a waste to work on it when I haven't even won the brief yet but it's good practice I suppose!

    This is the brief:

    We need a logo and packaging created for our new packed sweets, Big Mouth. Below is an outline of specific details, more information will be given at the next stage:

    These sweets will be available only in newsagents
    The sweet packets will be displayed together as a range of 20 different flavours on a stand 4 x 10 packets
    The packet size dimensions will be in the region of 120mm wide, 130mm long
    • The packaging should be bright, eye catching, bold, colourful and easily distinguishable
    • The logo should be the focus of the brand and may comprise of the name (Big Mouth) only or the name and an including logo picture (such as a mouth)
    • A slogan may be created to enhance the branding
    • There should be a replicable theme produced in the branding and packaging, so that each flavour may be a different shade and colour
    • Must have a window (see through panel to show sweets) at lower end of packet
    • Must say on the front side to the nearest effect “29p or 4 for a £1”
    • Must say on the front side to the nearest effect “no artificial colours, no artificial flavours” or “natural colours & flavours”
    • Must have product description on front side e.g. peach rings, fizzy cola bottles, etc printed or preferably designed
    • May say “new” or “new for 2012”
    • May say e.g. “including lychee flavour” or “including guava flavour”
    • Must be simple and concise “does what it says on the tin”, but still interesting and exciting
    • Must not be an overcrowded design and not congested with information
    • Must not be weird or scary
    • May be funny or amusing
    • May match colour of packaging to sweets


    My solution - the brief failed to really allude to some pertinent details, like why the sweets are called "Big Mouth" and what the sweets look like. So I had to improvise and make up some details to fit into the brief.

    My design is influenced by my love for Japanese confectionery and junk food packaging - colourful, fairly comic-strip, manga-style graphics and bold colours.

    Originally, I had came up with the concept of the Big Mouth brand as a challenge of sorts - with cues on the front to see how much the consumer could eat in one go, with indicator lines across the see-through portion on the right side of the packet to tell you how well you did. However, I scrapped this idea after it was pointed out to me that kids may choke! :icon_yucky: And it was looking too crowded on the front anyway.

    The drawing of the apple with the see through portion wraps around to the back of the packet (this was a device of my original concept, which needed space on the left-front-bottom to write some copy).

    The "g" in the logo acts as a speech bubble for the mouth in the "u", hence the "bla bla".

    Erm, I don't think there is much more to elaborate on. Obviously, if I win the brief, I will further develop this concept but for now, this is what it looks like.

    Let me know what you think, ladies and gents. :icon_notworthy:
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2011
  2. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Quite like the apple/mouth concept but, as a whole, it looks a bit chaotic.
  3. garywaiman

    garywaiman Member

    Cheers for the comment Dave. :D The chaotic nature is a bit of a nod to the layout of confectionery packaging from the Far East, most of which is far more elaborate than what I have come up with. As I said, this is still an early concept and more work will be done to it.

    But thanks again for the opinion. :D

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