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Computer Arts 158

I'm sorry but the 'exclusive subscriber print' with Computer Arts 158 is absolutely RUBBISH!

I could do that in about 10 minutes! :down:

Anyone agree/disagree?
Very much AGREE!! Some of the stuff in that magazine is pretentious garbage. Sometimes I'm not sure why I subscribe, it seems like the same articles rehashed from the previous year.
I'm glad it isn't just me! What alternative do we have though? 'iCreate' is a Mac advert in magazine form and 'Digital Arts' is even worse than CA.

Sometimes I wince at parting with almost a tenner for CA Projects but I still end up buying it!
I know, there are online blogs and stuff that keep us up to date on trends and there are online tutorials. I think the only reason I still get it is I want to support printed medium! If we all go online then there will be no need for mags and i'll be out of a job (doomsday scenario of course)!


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I'm subscribed to CA Projects... I prefer this one because every month it digs a bit deeper on a specific subject varying from typography to freelance strategies, uncommon applications (+ tutorials), motion graphics or just illustrated art. The latest issue was about 2009 Design Trends and last month it was a very inspiring subject: Japanese Design (which isn't a subject you would accidentally run into on a blog)

So if you're sick of CA, I can tell you that I've always been enjoying the Projects alternative. I'm sure you could buy some previous issues in one of your local bookstores before getting a subscription.