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Completed website - IE6 and possible other issues


I have been doing css/xhtml about a week now, i have picked up quite a lot of new things and think i have done pretty well considering its my first go.

However when browser checking it seems to have a lot of issues with IE6, the navigation, slider are not visible and are across the far end of the screen, the footer and content areas seem wrong as well.

Wondering how i would go about fixing this, if anyone can look at the css and see if you could point me in the right direction of what i have done wrong or not included?

Also how would i go about checking the code, to see if it all is valid. Does the XHTML look ok to you guys?

Learning CSS link to the site <<

Hi Paul

It's a very good day indeed when the website you've lovingly crafted looks as it should in any version of Internet Explorer, as you've discovered those are rare days.

you'll have to tweak the css by including conditional statements that target specific versions of internet explorer and changes the css accordingly: you can learn more about them here.

Firefox, safari, opera and chrome (and including the myriad browsers that are based on these widely used browsers) are quite forgiving about rendering any mistakes or undeclared css properties you may have in your style sheets.

With internet explorer you have to make sure that you declare as much as poss (eg floats and widths, positions, heights etc). You might find that when you fix one thing the rest pops back into place.

My advice is to try and use positioning instead of floats as much as you can. Using doctype strict can help too. Look at the padding because that can add to widths you've set and knock things off kilter, use firebug in firefox to see if there are any problems by hovering over the code in firebug. It can sometimes highlight huge margins or padding that are invisible normally.

Also to validate code use this site The W3C Markup Validation Service

Good luck!