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Companies all changing Logos?

I have a query!

What is with all big companies changing logos?

I have noticed:

Channel One

But they all appear to be down grading their logos!




Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
It's normally near the end of the financial year that companies splash out on re-branding or refreshing their merch. Alcohol companies are the biggest for doing it, Southern Comfort, Smirnoff, Brader, Sourz sre just a few that have all refreshed their labelling and packaging this year.
Big companies are changing there logos as either they have had it for a long time and feel they need to change or they might have appointed a new marketing director who feels they need to change it.

Personally I feel it is because of the current climate in everyones finances not so sure about myspace? didn't know they changed theres... but places like Argos who were very close to going into administration changed there logo so it was a new brand and more appealing to investors.

I do like a good rebrand and think companies should change at least every 5-10 years unless it is someone like a car manufacturer or a clothing label which I don't think they should really change it unless it is damaging there business.
Agreed, it's important to stay fresh in the eyes of your customers especially these big brands and these evolutions or small tweeks do this.

If they let their image become old fashioned or just a little bit dated it can show in customers buying choices.


Senior Member
I actually think the comet logo is a clever improvement. I'll be blogging about it next week.

The trouble with assessing re-brands is that as designers we tend to simply judge them on the logos alone. Which is wrong.
A logo can only be judged once you've seen it implemented to see if it actually sends the correct messages. A logo lives and dies in it's implementation, and if the company changes it's whole brand around it through all aspects of their activities, not just their image.

A logo on it's own doesn't make a brand, it represents a brand and should sum it up in a neat, memorable and clever way. That's why logo design is so challenging.
I didn't know that Comet had changed their logo and looking at it I prefer it to the old one. It looks more friendlier and welcoming. I wasn't too sure about the new Argos one at first but they've gone down the same route of softening the logo. Maybe it's to make it appear more approachable and welcoming.