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Coming home, need Macbook/iMac


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Hey everyone,

This is my first post... so, hello!

I've been living on the beaches of Northern NSW, Australia for the last 4.5 years. I design websites and logos remotely for a guy over here and have a top draw iMac that I love, LOVE.

Any how, I'm heading back to the mother land, Devon to be precise, and I'll be in need of some Mac based gadgetry so i can continue to work. Will be home for about 3-4 months so I either need to buy a Macbook or ideally rent an iMac/Macbook.

Anyone know of a good place I can rent a Macbook for a decent price? I haven't found too much via Google, so thought I would ask.



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Hi Ojay,

Welcome to DF! My first question was going to be why are you leaving Australia?! But then I read on to see it's temporary :D

I think you might have problems going with the leasing route as most will probably have a minimum lease term of 12 months, if I was you I'd look at picking up a second hand one on eBay and then sell back on eBay once you're done, you probably woudln't lose too much money. Do you have all the software ready to go?



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don't quote me but I think cancom may do short term leasing. If you do buy go for a laptop and you can take it back with you :)

Actually couldn't you bring the imac here with you, can't see any reason why the the powersupply wouldn't work here with the right plug


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Thanks for the welcome and points...

From what I've found it's going to cost as much to rent one for three months as it is to buy it, crazy really. I think the buy/resell route has to be the one... although I will check out Cancom too. You can get some deals on refurbished Macbooks from the Apple store, so may do that.

Other option is duty free, but I can't find out if they sell them on-line. Would cost the earth to ship an iMac over and back... I looked in to getting my beloved stereo shipped out here and it cost more than what it was worth!

Anyhow, thanks for your advice!


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Which airport would you be flying to Ojay?

Heathrow Terminal 5 has the first PC World airport store in the main terminal – with a wide range of computing and business-orientated products, well trained staff on hand for technical advice and an Apple Store concession offering the very latest in Apple products.


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Nice, fly in to Heathrow... providing the volcano is behaving, but not sure if you go through duty free on your way out? Brisbane (flying out of) has a pretty small duty free section, and Abu Dhabi (stopping) has an equally small duty free section which sucks.

The Heathrow site says you can shop upon landing, but not sure all you would get if you were leaving would be available? Will def check it out though...


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Ojay said:
The Heathrow site says you can shop upon landing, but not sure all you would get if you were leaving would be available? Will def check it out though...
The PC World store is airside (departures) I am afraid and you would only be able to visit the store when travelling 'out' of T5, or connecting onto another flight, time permitting. When arriving into T5 there is only a small BAA 'World Duty Free' shop at each end of the Arrivals concourse after you exit customs immediately before exiting landside (no electronics).

Personally I would consider getting a refurbished iMac to save a few pennies, I have a top end one from the June '09 release and cannot fault it. Came as good as new, and after a year of use, still looks new and has never had any problems.

That said, which I will touch on in another post, I may be selling my iMac in the next few weeks, As I am getting a MBP 15" and may pair it at home with a Cinema Display, or I will keep the iMac as well as have the MBP. But still undecided.