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Comic Sans as Faux pas


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This is awesome! I've seen it do the rounds on twitter! I thought it was really helpful! I just enjoy looking at infographics!
And me. There's something really quite nice about looking at info-graphic. The way the words relate to the images, layout etc is lovely.

Dave L

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To be frank, I'm becoming a little tired of the whole sneery Comic Sans thing. I also see it's used liberally in the title sequence for Stephen Fry's new series of flagship documentaries for the BBC on language. Backlash, anyone?
Comic sans isn't some kind of 'in joke' designers use, we aren't all sheep saying it, so its not something you need to rebel against. It is a font non-designers use because they cant see how absolutely horrendous it is. It is up to us designers to set an example and not to use it. There are millions of other better fonts out there.

Dave L

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We all get that (and any serious attempt at rehabilitating Comic Sans would be motivated by pure bloody-mindedness), but my observation is that the ubiquitous sneery response is every bit as tedious as the font itself.
Comic sans isn't the only bad font out there by any means. Its not even the worst font, its just in my opinion (which I'm sure many others share) it is the most consistently inappropriately used bad font out there. Just stop using it please for the love of type!
OK, I confess, I have used Comic Sans on a logo!

My pet hate font is Brush Script.

I did a wee bit of work for a local chippy's Facebook page. The owner has a lot of things in Brush Script, including his shop name and he was adamant to not change it. So I just did what he wanted and got out of there. :icon_Wall:


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Oddly enough, I find my taste in fonts changes frequently. 4 years ago I was working on some POS for Costcutters and used Papyrus for a series of shelf talkers. It worked fine and didnt look as awful as you'd expect. Around the same time I was also using, rounded fonts (eg; VAG Rounded). Fastforward 4 years and I wouldn't use either of those fonts as they just dont seem to work with anything anymore. Same goes for Comic Sans, it just seems to be the 'quirky font' used when someone wants to make their Publisher file look 'friendly'.