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Colours on a website


I have a website which is using the following colours...

#384953 Main Background
#425760 Main Content Background
#506876 Header/Footer Background
#668597 Nav/Side Panel Background
#FFCE0E Header Font Yellow

The text is all white apart from the yellow (above).

I need to change the colours to duplicate the design theme (same company, different department) so they are more navy blue.

Anyone got any good tips on how to change each colour equivelently?
Take a screenshot stick it in photoshop and fiddle with the hue/saturation tool until it looks right. Then use the eye dropper tool to find out each colours number.


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Change all your colour referances in your post to ~
Navy Main Background
Navy Main Content Background
Navy Header/Footer Background
Navy Nav/Side Panel Background
Navy Header Font Yellow

And there is your Navy blue theme. :D

Or you could check out this basic list of blue colour codes and use them instead.

Need any more help we need a screen shot or some code as suggested by the almighty others. :)