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Colour suggestions to complement a Red, White & Black site


I'm trying to help update an eCommerce website that is predominantly Red, White and Black.

Nobody wants to re-colour the whole site as it is very well established but it needs some other colours to highlight information on the site. Accent colours to highlight product titles or section titles or to highlight member names or quantities.

The site is white background, red furniture such as box headings and outlines and black text with red hyperlinks. It sells lots of entertainment products like movies, books CDs and video games.

What do you suggest as colours to use as accents?


Dave L

Well-Known Member
Sounds like you basically just need something that works with red (or, if you don't want to reduce the red's prominence, something on the grey scale).
Thanks for the comments. I was hoping to find another colour that would work well rather than using grays and the traditional Green complement to Red seems too much.