Colour suggesting


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Hello hello

Need some help with some colours, Now I know the standard rules with finding colours and that opposites on colour wheels for contrast, close on colour wheels for complimentary, then there are trident systems and all manor of things.

But when using A RED SIMILAR TO THIS What colours would you suggest I use on my site, I hate red, but sadly the logo for my mountaineering club is un-changable, while I have taken the role of changing their horrific (in so many ways) site.

It doesnt need to be perfect, but hopefully I can add it to a portfolio of my work so want it to be good enough for that.

Obviously it helps me to know what colours to use either way.





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This will help you out, define the base color and pick a combination (e.g. Triad) then change one of the complementing colours and see how the rest changes with it, except the base colour.

COLOURlovers :: Palettes
Or use the search on Colourlovers to find a nice palette.


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Thanks you two :) exactly the help I needed, white was the obvious choice and would have been used, I Just wasnt sure what else, really don't want a glaring red page.