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Colour Scheme Feedback

Dee W

New Member
Good morning guys!

I would really appreciate some feedback on a colour scheme I'm currently working on for my startup.

As part of our offering, we create customised magazines for our clients. The magazines are currently branded in our corporate colours (cyan & grey). I'm now thinking about introducing more of a varied colour scheme to our collateral to give it more contrast.

I have chosen a 50% hue of orange to work alongside the cyan, to give it more contrast (see attachment)

Any thoughts or feedback would be a massive help.


Hello Dee W,

Can you please tell me what is your nature of business, and what are your thoughts in using these color combination. And also would like to know would you like to change the shape or interested in using the same square shape with your decided color scheme.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Without context it's hard to form an opinion on the scheme. Which colours will be a background, which for hyperlinks, etc. The colours work together here but how do they work in an actual text environment?

Dee W

New Member
Ah - thank you for your direction, that's really helpful. I have since evolved the colour scheme further by experimenting with an analogous scheme instead.

This colour scheme is for a B2B tech online publication startup called Hot Topics. The dominant colour is cyan, as this is a colour very much associated with the technology and business sector, it will be predominantly used for the logo.

I have used a darker shade of blue as the background colour to contrast with the cyan colour. I really liked the contrast of the green and the teal colour as part of this scheme and as it still fits within the same business connotations of success and security, I thought these worked stronger together than the original blue/orange scheme.

I've attached a print ad using the new colour scheme, to give you more of an idea of its context.

Thanks, Dee