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Colour Management for Print Designers

Just wondering about all you print designers, do you use any Colour Management anfd if so what, X-rite, Heuy pro, Syper pro.

I just ordered a Colormunki Design from Amazon (through the DF link), any thoughts any one got one. Should be here soon.
You use a Mac or Pc. Mac screens are a lot better with colour. Im on a Pc and well creens need calibrating. I also use pantone books but what about photographs?


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If I have taken the photo, I'm not usually worried, as the screen on my camera is amazing!

There are all sorts of calibrations, different light conditions...there are a million reasons why just test printing is valuable, but then there are potential for ink shifts, both on your printer and with the printer if it isn't full cmyk, don't even get me started on paper types!
Not really talking about photographs you've taken although Im pretty sure you have to edit your photos on some scale, curves, brightness contrast, sharpening.

I understand all about colour shifts etc, I have done quite a number of print jobs and as yet do not have colour management anywhere in my work flow and it has got me in to 1 or 2 sticky situations.

Most of the best graphic firms do have colour mangement in their workflows, so it has to have some sort of relative value.

But unless you are going to get a full wet proof from the printers and then you see the problems and have to change plates and pay for it. Surelly some sort of colour mangement is a better solution.


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Possibly, I have been told lots of things by lots of printers, some say this some say that, good example: one has said in the past "black should be 0% 0% 0% 100%, anything more wont print." now I know thats rubbish. yet another has said to me "40% 20% 20% 100%, is fine" which is more than I would go to as a rule, but if he says I can, then I will!

Yes I can see it as valuable, but it depends on what level you are working at. I would imagine when you are talking 5,000, 10,000+ it would be essential.
Yes well thats sorta what I was talking about, I wasnt talking about home projects. Did a project last year working on an A3 Socio-Economic Atlas. The whole project including printing came to 30k.

But it's more about pride for me knowing that what I am giving the client has been done correctly.
And yes I agree about printers have been too some bad ones and have been to some good ones (but thats sorta up to my clients and what there willing to pay for printing)

Also I'm not talking about a colour management system that cost 5k, Im talking about 300 -500 pounds thats all.

Im not trying to say this is bad and thats good, just were I live there arent many good designers who know what there doing (talk to most of them about ink densities and they think your speaking martian). And most people on this forum seem to know what there doing so I was just interested in knowing what if any colour management sysytems people where using.

Just trying to get in to this forum and open up a few posts to get to know people.


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well in that case, hello, my name is Michael.

I can't remember the last project I did for myself that was in print! I have done loads of professional print work, and often it means emails coming back from the printer, can you change this, that etc. from the bad ones, who can't get their bleeds right, to the good ones, who are well...good!

I think you have a point about colour management, but I think it will only become a viable thing on a personal level once you are in a business enviroment, where you are dealing with the same printers and large numbers.


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Personally I calibrate my screens etc but I'd still ask for a test print as theres no guarantee that the printer is fully calibrated etc - my uni was a perfect example we were given full hex numbers for a grey colour for a group presentation, 3 of us used the same template even yet the prints came out different depending on which printer was used.
Michael, my name is Robert. Digital Naga is actually the name of the Design/Communication Company that I'm currently setting up. So thats why Im looking in to Colour Management.

We also use the same printers most of the time. A good one, and ok one, find it useful to use same printers for most of my work as I get a good working relationship and can ask for favours and good rates I can then pass on to my clients.

Also have quite a good relationship with the guys that work the press as I go for press checks and check each form as it comes off the press and sign off on it. That way if there are any problems with colour I can sort things out easily, I never leave the colour checks to the printers (used to do that sometimes and had problems, still get problems as the colour sometimes varies between the first forms that come off the press and the last in a run)

Levi what do you use for calibrating your monitors. I got a calibrated/spectometer that says it can calibrate printers as well. Just arrived today so I am in the process of setting everyhting up.