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Colour laser printer/proofer, need recomendations

I'm studio manager in an in-house design department. We've had a Xerox Splash G630 since December 02, and because it won't speak to the network after December this year and other various hardware issues mean we need to look for a replacement. I think it cost £30k new, and it has a fiery rip, but I suspect modern printers can deal with the files quicker these days, it prints about 6 pages a minute.

We need A3 and A4 printing, good colour consistency, weights should be 90 gsm and 280 gsm approx. It used to churn out 5000 pages a month but I suspect the actual demand is half that these days. If the new machine had some scanning ability that would be good. The Xerox Docucolour 242 series seems similar to what we have now. Is there anything else out there we should look at?


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We have a Canon CLC 2620 laser - great for A3/A4 perfect quality, no problems at all for the last 18 months
Also Canon 1160 laser - used as a backup, great but a bit old now.

I have always used and had Canons, even when I was a SM they were reliable and the colours and quality of print is the best by far. can't go wrong with any Canon.


I agree Canons are good.. I used to work with Xerox 2060's and Canon W7200's in New Zealand.. :) I personally preferred the rips on the Xerox machines to the Canon ones... but thats just personal preference :)