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Colour Converting


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Does anyone know what the best practice is with the following...

I'm putting together some brand guidelines, and I'm getting mixed opinions on how to give the colour breakdowns, such as Pantone to CMYK to RGB.

Some people to say to use the software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and some to use Pantone Colour Bridge etc etc.

Each of these gives different values, so can anyone advise me on what the industry standard is or what the most reliable conversion to use is?

I don't know if it would effect it, but I am using CS2 adobe software.

Any knowledge would be welcome! Thank you!
First off, don't double-post. It's incredibly annoying.

Pantone has color conversion built-in to their swatches if you have their books.


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Printers will definitely prefer it from the pantone books buy them off amazon or print off the colours on a similar stock paper to what the main printing will be on get to a local printers and ask to use their swatch to quickly match and reference the colours (saves you £100 or so)

If your going to be doing a lot of this kind of work though its definitely a great investment & could save you a lot of money if you get stuff printed online and dont have colour proofs sent through.