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Colour Calibration


Staff member
I've got a spyder 3 elite (the one before the 4 :)), it's fine, if a bit time consuming. But don't bother with the express versions as they're very limited.


Active Member
I have been looking at the x-rite eye one display 2 pro, spoilt for choice really! I have seen a few for around £100 what I am seeing this seems to be reasonable.

Tony Hardy

I haven't got one of these. I'm a bit lost to what that bit of hardware actually is?
They calibrate your monitor so it reproduces the colours accuratel so what you are seeing on screen is what get back from the printers. They normally just plug in a usb and you run them every few weeks.
If you don't have one then I would recommend getting one.


Staff member
basically it's a sensor that sees how accurate the screen is and then using software allows you to adjust it