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Color variation problem



As we all know, the digital artwork you see on pc screen is always slightly different from what you get from plastic card printing company. T he most common problem is color variation, which is usually can not fix due to the limits of printing technology. There are several different printing technologyes like litho printing, thermal printing, screen printing, digital printing. If you want best quality result, pls chose litho printing which is also called full color or four color printing. Litho printing is with Heidelberg machines (same process as credit cards production, exactly like the credit cards, NOT digital printing or thermal printing), ISO standard 760 Micron solid PVC, professional looking, texture and feel. Here are several case study may help your designers have better understanding of artwork and printed result.

The red tone looks very obvious on artwork, after printing, the card looks more pale.

This sample has no color issue, everything is perfect and almost same as artwork.

For printing on white background, the color usually has no prolem.

For printing on white background, the color usually has no prolem.

This sample is full color printing on clear stock.

Pay attention to the patterns on the front.

The patterns looks more obvious on the printed artwork. It turned brighter than pc screen.

On this card, the pattern is very complex, we converted artwork into bitmap then print.

The black tone on this card is not CMYK 100 black, so it shows dark grey.

Green tone slightly different .

For printing on white background, the color usually has no prolem.

The clear stock can't be crestal clear.

This is digital printed ID card, you may see the color variation is very obvious.

Look at the tree image on the background.

Pay attention to the space of artwork between edge of the card.


It is perplexing as to why they are all put here.. I didn't see any questions.. I do agree with the dodgy artwork though :lol:


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Its a self promotion thing, his first thread was introducing himself as a plastic printer, then this thread just happens to have loads of his work in it :)

Would of been better if it was just openly came out about it and showed a portfolio of work, not try to make it seem as if its a colour variation problem!


yeah any of those other options would've been better than a thread with 20 odd images of business cards.