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Cololover - iPhone game for color geeks (I need your feedback)


I think that some of iPhone owners might have an interest in the game, I made some time ago.
It's really simple app, which displays one part of circle in some color. Your job is to match the color in second part to that one. It is done by using thee RGB sliders.

Game contains 4 levels of difficulty so you can go one-by-one and get better. You fight against time, and 10 of your plays at each level are saved to scoreboard. You can challenge your friends and see, who's the color masta! :)

I don't want only to promote my app here. My only wish is to see some comments about general idea and app interface. I would like to see your suggestions here!
If you don't want to spend money on the app, but you got a willingness to write something about - let me know below, I will send you a code :)