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Collaboration Logo's...

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by Samcan, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Samcan

    Samcan New Member

    Does anyone have, or point me in the directon of logos that have been based on collaborations?

    Maybe a company that relies on collaborations to function? (.ie a design group that uses people from many different backgrounds, diversafication etc)

    I'm just curious of the images they'd use..

    Thanks :icon_smile:
  2. KevJaques

    KevJaques Member

    I'm always up for some sort of collaboration, especially if I can see my skills,talents could be adding to the project. It's not just a case of competing with other web design firms, sometimes real positive outcomes can be made by collaborating.
    I agree with the differing backgrounds and diversifications, however, too many cooks spoil the broth to coin a phrase. Not only that but you cannot please everyone all the time.

    As for images, you only have to google company logos or such and there are a whole heap of logos to look at, to me a logo should represent you not just now but way into the future, especially if you are looking to create a recognisable brand, look at some of the older companies who still have the same/similar logo.
  3. dot design

    dot design Member

    to be honest Sam, I don't think you'll find many collaborations when it comes to logo design, too many people involved - you can end up with 'design by committee' which is rarely a good result!

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