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Code Editor of Choice


Tony Hardy

With the beta release of Sublime Text Editor 3 this morning, it got me thinking...

Who uses what to code?
At the minute, I'm still using the HTML section of Dreamweaver as I'm used to how things look in there. Looking for a move away at some point in the future though!


Junior Member
I love Sublime Text. Very useful, really good at colour coding your syntax.
For sheer ease of use though I like Coda - having everything within one program that just works well is a major bonus.
Have moved off from using Dreamweaver over the last few years. Just feels a little dated now.

Tony Hardy

si_p said:
For sheer ease of use though I like Coda - having everything within one program that just works well is a major bonus.
I was tempted to buy Coda 2 the other day. It looks excellent. Really like how you can just save your project and it uploads as you go.
I went off of Dreamweaver very quickly and began using a program called Aptana, which is really what taught me to be more fluent in hand coding. The problem was that there were too many updates and it literally took up to 15 minutes to load the program up in a morning so I had to change it. From there I went on to using Notepad++ which I have used for the past 3 years now.


Staff member
not that I'm a web coder or anything but I used to use golive (wysiwyg was good) which I then tidied up, tried dreamweaver and was like I hate this and am now trying to do pure code using notepad++ although I'm tempted to give ms's expression web a go seeing as v4 is free


Senior Member
I also still use Dreamweaver but I've never been totally happy with it.
I had/have high hopes for Adobe Edge code which has a live real time preview in Chrome but it's still in preview and is missing CSS code hinting which is a must for someone like me who struggles a little with speling.
Interestingly when I was playing around with Windows 8 apps, I got on very well with the new Microsoft Visual Studio so I downloaded Microsoft Expression web, hoping that it would work in much the same way...sadly it doesn't, in fact it's utter shite.
I will definitely have to try Coda though, it looks good and that iPad feature looks very interesting

Tony Hardy

Dreamweaver is passable, but I'd never use the WYSIWIG side of things there.
The Coda iPad feature is very intriguing. Can't work out if the $75 is for one download and one machine only or one user on multiple machines...


I only use Notepad++ these days. Though I do have Coda on my iPad for when I need to do something remote from my desktop :)


Senior Member
coda is £29 on ipad and £60 (around this) on mac.
high price but jesus christ it's worth it. coda 2 is a dream come true.