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Coca Cola or Pepsi?


Tony Hardy

Alright then fizzy drinks fans. We had a load of discussion about your favourite canned beverage in general chat, but now I want to talk about the logo design and branding of the companies.

What do you think to my latest post?
Coca Cola or Pepsi Branding?


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I was reading somewhere once that Father Christmas used to be green until Coca cola decided green didn't fit in with their brand. Thats crazy the power a company can have over people and change history to suit their needs.


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sort of right.... coca cola probably helped popularise the red option but it started before that. Father Christmas was often shown in red, green or brown before that but green was more common due to association with the 'evergreen' trees and the winter solstice.

Matt Harle

As much as I'll defend Pepsi to the death when it comes to which soft drink is better, I'm with you on this one, Tony. They've got no real brand, unlike Coca-Cola, which has remained pretty much consistent since the company started. They just don't advertise as well as Coke. I mean, Coke dominates the market when it comes to Christmas. Nowadays, people associate the 'Holidays are coming!' advert with the start of Christmas.


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I like the 1906/1940 Pepsi logos most, but I like old style logos anyway (like Black Bullet sweets and some makes of Jam) and I'm sure I've seen it re-used a bit recently. Obviously with it being so similar to the Coca-Cola style they needed to distance themselves from the competition, but still... the current Pepsi branding has no soul. Coca-Cola on the other hand are well known for defending and ensuring the consistency of their logo.
There is no contest on who is the better brand, Coke wins hands down...even the word Coke, something we use to describe cola is their brand! How much more dominant can you get!.
Pepsi have by far the better drink which people far prefer, but Coca-Cola outsell Pepsi by stupid stupid amounts. That is ALL down to their brand power and horrendously amazing advertising, how on Earth has a soft drink company engrained themselves so much with Christmas is beyond me.
Great amount of credit needs to be given to the guys currently, and previously in charge of their image/marketing.
As for Pepsi, they've changed a fair amount through the years and will never the 'iconic' brand that Coca-Cola has, so personally I don't see the harm in their constant revamping of the brand. They have nothing timeless so there's no real harm with keeping up with trends for them. The damage to them was done years ago and is pretty much unfixable now.


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Pepsi market themselves as a 'modern and hip' brand of cola rather than the 'classic' coca cola. You could argue pepsi haven't had the restriction that the coca cola brand brings so they can play around etc, just look how coke had to go back to coca cola when 'new coke' came out (plus it tasted rubbish iirc) or when they try to do something 'funky' with their cans. Coke doesn't always work when using a funky image while pepsi can make it work more easily.
Having said that Pepsi are now trying to make their brand more iconic like coke, with their own custom bottle design... which looks like a poor mans coca cola bottle... personally I'd have tried something more original like a squared off bottle or a squircle...

Tony Hardy

I think Pepsi might try and be "modern and hip" but completely fail at it. They always seem to be months behind with things. Their product does taste better though. It's just a shame they haven't gotten their image right.

Mark, you might be right in saying their brand is unfixable now. But, I'm sure there are ways and means they could repair the damage done? People love their product, it wouldn't harm to try? It's not like it's going to make anything worse!