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CMYK Logo Question - Help!

Hello all,

Beginner here :)

I have designed a voucher and I am about to print this but I have a problem.

When I place the CMYK logo onto the voucher it has a white background on it. The voucher background is yellow so the white in the logo stands out.

How do I get it so the logo blends in to the background so you can see the type in the logo clearly but not this white background? When I place the RGB version of the logo on the voucher it looks fine but the CMYK one has a white fill I can't get rid off.

Help would be appreciated :)

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Emma,

Exactly what are you doing and how? What file types are you placing? What software are you using?

It may sound obvious, but can't you simply remove the white background, rather than trying to blend anything?
I have created the voucher in InDesign and I go to place the JPEG CMYK logo onto the voucher and it appears with a white background. I need the background to be transparent as it will look silly being a yellow voucher with a logo on it with a white background in the logo.

I think I have figured it out though. Instead of changing it in Photoshop to JPEG CMYK I have changed it to a PSD CMYK file and it appeared transparent on the voucher which is what I was looking for. However the file size of the PSD is 29.1 MB!

Does this sound about right?


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Your Jpeg has a white background because it is a Jpeg. Jpegs flattens images into what is effectively a single layer, hence the appearance of the white background.

What you have done is perfect (PSD). PNG's also allow for transparent backgrounds.


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Png not really designed for print.

Eps format is gone out with the dodo.

Tiff and psd for all raster. Save as pdf if you have text layers, vector shapes or vector masks. Save with photoshop editing capabilities.